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CB Duffeck Inc. offers a complete service repair facilities, as well as on-site 24/7 repairs. CB Duffeck repairs all industrial production equipment in the industries of Automotive, Steel, Paper, Printing and Construction. No job is too small and too difficult. We have fully trained technicians that can diagnose your equipment problems. The expedient and safe repair will insure that your equipment will be brought back into production.

Our Turn-key Equipment relocation process is matched by none. What make our company different from others is that we handle the Full process in House. We will properly shutdown your equipment and prepare it for transport. Whether a single CNC machine or a large paper machine. We can handle the complete operation of removal, transport, Installation and Start-up of your equipment.

We have a safety record of no recordable loss time accident of 20 years. Safety comes first and our technicians are fully trained to get the job completed safely.
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24/7 Service on all Industrial Production Equipment. | Maintenance Contracts Available. | Full Service Maintenance Company.

20-year Safety Record | Equipment Safety Standard Consulting | Fully Insured
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