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Monguzzi Papercutter

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Monguzzi Papercutter

- AF 3200 mm cutting width of 125.98 Inch
- Clamp opening of 5.98 Inches
- Maximum cut length 130 inches
- Minimum cut of 5 inches
- Adjustable clamp pressure of 25- 150 Bar
- Infrared safety light barrier
- Easy and safe knife change procedure
- Front table length from cutting line to operator 800 mm 31.5 inches
- Industry leading knife and clamp bar thickness for durable operation, prevents the knife and clamp from flexing under high cutting pressures.
- Dual Leadscrew design for sturdy and accurate cutting
- Air floatation table for the front and rear tables
- Hydraulic knife and clamp operation.
- Electronically adjustable clamp pressure
- Operator display panel is located on the unique offset panel
- supply voltage requirement 440-480 VAC 3 phase 60 Hz 25kw
- machine weight of 18,000lbs
- 8 inch color display panel with clamp and cut buttons on pedestal
- Dual pinion gears for equal clamping pressure across the full clamp surface
- multiple swing arms for the knife, which creates equal pressure across the knife beam
monguzzi paper cutter, machine repair

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